QOH Landscape Architects

Established in 1982, OHD offer professional Landscape Architectural Services of the highest standards. Our design philosophy is to create a unique and quality design whilst considering the budgeting and time constraints of the individual project.

OHD Landscape Architects work closely with our associated company QOH Architects on best practice in environmental sustainability and the integrity of the spatial, sensory and textural relationship of the landscape to the built form. From this, we are able to provide integrated professional services of the highest standard to our clients.

Our projects rely on a thoughtful, deliberate process during the Master Planning phase to ensure that the resolution of external spaces supports and complements the Architectural design solutions.

Hamlyn Terrace Community Centre and Sporting Facility project for Wyong Shire Council is a good example of the benefits of the close relationship between QOH Architects and O’Hanlon Design. The  result was an architectural and landscape design resolution, that is diverse yet integrated, functional and responsive to the natural environment.

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