Conservatorium of Music, University of Newcastle

Music Recording Studio

QOH worked closely with the client and consultants to design a high-level commercial standard recording studio that forms part of the Conservatorium of Music at the University of Newcastle’s City Campus.

The recording studio is designed to host industry professionals while acting as a pathway for students as a connection to industry.

This small internal refurbishment project (approximately 100 square metres) was extremely complex in its design and detailing, with the main issues revolving around the management of noise transmission, both from outside the building, as well as between the internal spaces.

A central control room is flanked by a recording studio on each side – it was important that a visual connection was maintained between these rooms, while the transfer of noise and vibrations is restricted. To achieve this the spaces were effectively designed and constructed as acoustically isolated boxes, each with no structural connection to those adjoining. Walls, floors, and ceilings are all separated by cavities with double windows between internal spaces. All internal lining materials were selected for their acoustic properties, with undulating ceilings and custom slotted acoustic panels installed to the walls helping to absorb and manage sound.

This project was a new challenge for the QOH team but was certainly one that left an impact and a sense of achievement for all that helped to bring it to fruition.