Corpus Christi College, Maroubra – Stage 2 Administration Building

Following completion of an extensive master plan for the school, Quinn O’Hanlon Architects and O’Hanlon Design Landscape Architects have now completed the fourth project at Corpus Christi College.

The latest stage provides the school with a new unified Administration and Staff facility, addressing the site’s previous planning issues with decentralised staff and educators limiting opportunities for collaboration. The extensive refurbishment project required a careful and considered replanning of an existing GLA building, maintaining the primary structure to minimise disruption to the school community with increased construction efficiency, and in turn, reducing the carbon footprint of the development.

Existing spaces were re-planned and supported with new interventions to expand the available space as required to provide open and flexible office spaces, supported by a series of formal and informal meeting and breakout spaces which provide greater opportunities for collaboration, aimed at improving learning outcomes for both staff and students.

The completed building elevates the school’s street presence, highlighting their catholic identity and providing an interface between school and community by offering an open and accessible public space at the entry to the site.