Clovelly Beach and Yarra Bay Beach Facilities and Landscaping

Completed in three stages, this project was designed in association with Randwick City Council, significantly improving the public amenities and landscaping surrounding Clovelly Beach and Yarra Bay Beach.

The new work at Clovelly Beach involved the relandscaping of the southern foreshore – the site was completely reconstructed using a series of new retaining walls, a new circulation spine, and relandscaped with native planting. Modern picnic facilities were also installed, as well as new outdoor showers, and new path and access ways, including an accessible ramping system.

Additionally, the project encompassed significant beach front building works including public change rooms and a new beach inspector’s office. The works successfully enhanced the quality of the Clovelly foreshore, contributing positively to both the needs of the community and the local environment.

At Yarra Bay Beach, the works involved new amenity facilities, planting, and the reconstruction of beach access.