Christian Brothers High School, Lewisham – Stage 1 Refurbishment

The Stage 1 project at Cristian Brothers High School, the Gallagher building, sees the significant modernisation of existing learning spaces and the transformation of existing elevated verandah into new learning areas. Built in the 1980s, the five-storey building had its fair share of required national construction code upgrades and performance solutions to add to the to the complexity of the project. Existing stairs were fire isolated, and an existing hydrant system upgraded.

QOH worked with the existing budget and structural limitations to create additional leaning areas with enhanced functionality for the school while not losing the highly valued northern facing break out area. Senior students now have a place to hold functions and BBQs overlooking the CBD in the distance. Previously one dimensional, traditional learning spaces are now interoperable for different sized classroom group sizes and supported by activated internal circulation zones with nooks for breakout learning, or casual pier to pier collaboration.