Hancock Prospecting Women’s National Rowing Training Facility

New Construction

In November 2016, Rowing NSW came to QOH Architects with a Contractor, simple design, budget constraints and no development approval with a requirement to occupy the building as soon as practical. On engagement QOH began looking into cost savings and form, and after a series of meetings a new form was proposed which would satisfy Council’s requirements. The consulting team received a DA in February 2017, soon after QOH followed this with CC documentation in April 2017. After a series of negotiations lead by QOH with the client and builder a scope and figure was agreed.

QOH administered the project contract with construction commencing in April 2017. Works included a range of essential site services which were closely managed to ensure no delays to the proposed completion date. Works concluded in October 2017; on budget and on program.

Location: Penrith, NSW
Status: Completed
Services Provided: Masterplanning, Feasibility Study, Concept Design, Development Application, Design Development, Construction Certificate/Tender Documents, Accessibility Assessment, Landscape Design, Interior Design Contract Administration and Construction Phase Advice.
Contract Value: $1.79 million

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