St Francis Xavier’s College Hamilton

Stage 1 – Masterplan and Access Upgrade

This project is the first of several stages of work at St Francis Xavier’s College which have been identified in the school’s masterplan. An accessibility study was undertaken at the school outlining what was immediately required to meet the needs of students at the school.

Stage 2 – Science and Music Room Upgrade

The school requires an upgrade to the existing outdated science laboratories and creation of specialised music facilities. The project will provide the school with four new science laboratories fit for future learning and two new seminar rooms.

The music department will be expanded with four new specialised practice rooms and a specialised flexible performance and teaching space, servicing all music, dance and drama subjects. This will also provide music, dance and drama students with a specialised space for their HSC examinations.

Stage 3 – Student Toilet Refurbishment

This project provided the upgrade of existing student toilet facilities located within the centre of a large senior high school. The new works provided for 24 male and female student toilets an accessible toilet and male and female changerooms. The works were co-ordinated to be commenced at the end of term 4 and completed over the Christmas vacation in order that the new facilities were functioning for the commencement of the new school year.

The brief was to provide a contemporary and durable environment which would allow the students to feel that they were in a mature educational environment. The project challenges included restricted site access, discovery of remnants of prior constructions within the foundation zones of the building and the differential settlement of the existing structure under which the new facility is housed.

The project was completed within the required time frame and is considered a success by the school and there has been no vandalism of the facilities and students have praised the facilities on social media.

Location: Hamilton, NSW
Status: Completed 201
Services Provided: Masterplanning; Architectural Design and Documentation; Feasibility Study; Schematic Design; Design Development and Documentation; Coordination of Consultants; Contract Documentation; Tendering; Contract and Project Management during Construction and Post Construction Phases.

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